The Rookery Project


To protect the timeline, while exploring and investigating any and all Temporal effects that Starfleet may encounter. Protect the immediate area of Federation Space. Correct Time lines that are being corrupted. The mission is top secret and is only known to Top Starfleet Leadership, Rookery Agents and the Phoenician Council that chooses crew to Serve in the “Rookery Project.”
Rookery creates a team that is efficient in all aspects of Eternalism (philosophy of time).

Rookery is out of time, and doesn’t exist to any one time line. though the operations can are loosely based in the mid 2400’s AD.

Crew is hand picked and chosen to go through the Rookery Temporal Academy. Only a select few in high command know about the “Time Project” known as “The Rookery Project”


After the discovery of the Phoenician Race, and that of the Logs of Captain Archer The Federation had no choice but to acknowledge Time travel and the danger of the corruption in the time lines.

The Phoenician culture selects a few chosen, to watch the development of a culture that will have a significant impact on the overall future of the universe to protect its growth.

They watch and guide the planet to reach its temporal destiny by protecting the time lines and the people in that world, only a select “Key” planets are selected for observation.

The planets must be ones that effect the universe as a whole, as earth has with the development of the United Federations of Planets.

After first contact with the Phoenix race the Federation was suspicious but after research found out about their mission of observation and time protection.

Ashember was asked to head up the Rookery Project given her unique position as the Minister of Temporal Affairs on the Phoenician Council and a protector of Earths Time-line as well as the extensive knowledge of Earth history.


Rookery is a Planet located in an unknown temporal pocket.

The significance of this location is its proximity to the entrance to the Time Nova. This is also in the same system as Phoenician and is uniquely dangerous from Starfleet’s normal space of operations.

The Threat

Not only do we have the normal enemies of the federation and the current problems. Rookery Space is filled with time distortions and randoms worm holes that pop up unexpectedly. Rookery also has the same enemies of the Phoenician congress.

Currently the Phoenician world is involved in the Temporal Cold War and is ground zero for time traveler’s universe wide, given the unique ability to move through time they are often the target by many other races and time travelers with darker purposes.

Though Phoenician have the ability to bend the folds of time and attempt to repair time lines, the Federation has decided they will support the Phoenician in watching the time line.

With the temporal War there is more corruption happening in the time lines then the Phoenician can handle alone. So this mission is to support the effort to maintain the balance.