SWTOR Universe


Historical Framework

Date Event
100,000 Celestials/Architects dominate the stars and have made contact with a number of other species in various states of advancement. These include the Gree, Kwa, Sharu, Columi, Killiks, Humans, and Taung.
36,453 Je’daii Order founded to codify beliefs and study about the Force.
35,000 Celestials are usurped when the Rakata slave race revolt. Stealing technology from the Kwa, another Celestial client race, they wage a war against the other servant races.
30,000 Celestials disappear from the galaxy. Rakatan Infinite Empire had taken center stage.
25,793-25,783 Force Wars
25,783 Formation of the Jedi Knights.
27,500 Alderaan discovered by human colonists.
25,200 Collapse of Infinite Empire due to slave revolts, plague and civil war.
25,130 Xim’s Empire
25,503 Rakatan hyperdrive reverse-engineered

Galactic Republic established.

25,053-20,000 Expansionist Era
24,500 First Great Schism
20,000-17,018 Great Manifest Period
15,000 Hutt Cataclysms/Hutt Civil War
11,965-10,966 Pius Dea Crusades
7,000-6,900 Hundred-Year Darkness
6,900 Exiles discover Sith Empire on Korriban
7,003 Second Great Schism
5,500 Corellian Trade Spine completed
5,000 Unification Wars of the Koros system (Golden Age of the Sith).
5,000 Great Hyperspace War (Fall of the Sith Empire)
4800-4775 Gank Massacres
4,400-4,000 Onderon Civil War

Beast Wars

4250 Third Great Schism
4,000 Hapes Cluster settled by pirates known as Lorell Raiders.
4,000-3,950 Old Sith Wars
3,996 Great Sith War
3,995-3,993 Great Hunt
3976-3960 Mandalorian Wars
3,970-3,670 Kanz Disorders
3,958-3,956 Jedi Civil War/Second Sith Civil War/Old Republic Insurrection/War of the Star Forge
3,956-3,950 Sith Civil War
3,955-3,951 Dark Wars
3954-3951 First Jedi Purge saw nearly the entire Jedi Order disappear from the galaxy; the Order publicly disbanded and most of the survivors were slain by the Sith.
3,700 Hydian Way discovered
3,681 The resurgent Sith Empire under the rule of the Sith Emperor returns from the Unknown Regions. The Imperial Armada attacks the Galactic Republic space station above Korriban, reclaiming the Sith homeworld and beginning the Great Galactic War.
3,681-3,653 Great Galactic War/Great War/Republic-Sith War
3653-3642 Cold War
3,653 Treaty of Coruscant. Senator Gaul Panteer, the crown prince of Alderaan walks out of senate. Alderaan succeeds from Galactic Republic.
3,643 Alderaanian Civil War.
3,642 Galactic War begins
3,000 Hapes Cluster closes it borders.
2,000 Fourth Great Schism
2,000-1,000 New Sith Wars
1,800 Jedi intervention to contain an outbreak of Ubese aggression leads to the destruction of a cache of superweapons. The resulting chemical release decimates the Ubese.
1,750 Jedi Master Murrtaggh forges alliance with Mandalorians to fight against the Sith. Eventually defeating the Dark Underlord.
1,500 Galactic Republic halt Sith advances in the Expansion Region and Outer Rim Territories.
1,466 Battle of Mizra
1,400 Last non-Jedi ends service as Supreme Chancellor. For 400 years only a Jedi will serve in the post.
1,250-1,230 Sictis Wars
1,100 Republic Dark Age
1,010 Second Sith Civil War
1,010-1,002 Light and Darkness war
1,002 Bulk of Jedi Order’s fighting strength forged into an independent military force known as the Army of Light.
1,002-1,000 Ruusan Campaign
1,000 Ruusan Reformation
1,000-312 Golden Age of the Old Republic/Great Reunification



Ashember/House O’Malley Phoenician Members House of Nobles


History of the Ashember/House of Nobles/Phoenician

  1. Rakata rise again the Celestials (35,000-30,000)
  2. Heliopolis created. Built by the Celestials using a servant race. The collection equipment is to be used to follow the mechanicians of the Rakata throughout the galaxy. The processing unit is known as the Centricon is imbued with intellect. Heliopolis is created to appear as a normal planet with all surveillance equipment and the Centricon encased below the crust. The servant race is given the surface and told this world is their own. Using their technology the Celestials move life nurturing planets with vast natural resources to create the Heliopolis system. Made up of eighteen planets and two gas giants with innumerable moons. There are a number of space anomalies that surround the system, similar to the barrier erected around the Unknown Regions and the periphery of the galaxy, only not as powerful (is the precursor to what the Celestials will use before leaving the galaxy).
  3. Celestials leave the known galaxy (~30,000)
  4. Ashemeber is elevated by a lone Celestial. It is explained she is not the first. When the others are asked about she is redirected to the purpose at hand. The Celestials will be leaving soon and she is to help the galaxy find it’s balance.
  5. Ashember spends several hundreds of years attempting different things to bring order and balance to the galaxy. Out of desperation she decides the Rakata must be removed at all cost. Communing with the Force she creates “black wind”. A Force virus that specifically targets the Rakata. Ashember commits genocide.
  6. Rakate Infinite Empire collapses (~25,200)
  7. Having expended too much of her essence in the creation of the “black wind” virus Ashember knows she does not have much time left in this galaxy. She travels for a time, seeking direction eventually arriving on Heliopolis.
  8. Seeing the somewhat primitive civilization, her essence rapidly burning out, she chooses the only daughter of the O’Malley clan as being worthy. What essence she has left she uses to imprint upon her DNA and Force essence “The Calling”. The instructions and beliefs of a philosophy that embraces balance instead of polarizing opposition. After doing so, Ashember dissolves, perhaps moving to another plane of existence.
  9. Heliopolis society rapidly develops a ruling system of Clan government called “The Moot”. Over time they expand out from their planet. Establishing settlements and colonies throughout their system. Heliopolis prospers, but old rivalries between clans still continues (~.
  10. Clan Tonk secretly orchestrates the destruction of Clan O’Malley. Allying several clans to help them while manipulating clans who would openly support O’Malley in the conflict so that cannot offer aid or marginalized.
  11. Called “The Reaping” the enemies of Clan O’Malley strike without mercy. O’Malley attempts to defend itself. Seeing that all is lost, the current Matron sends her two surviving daughters and several retainers to escape to one of the colonies in the system. Clan Tonk makes the final assault on the O’Malley estates. Mortally wounded, she waits until the ship is outside of the planet’s atmosphere then enables the PDS (Planetary Defense System). Unsure what it does, only that it was some type of defense system. Looking to the monitors she sees the planet wreathed in energy. All ships in atmosphere or surrounding the planet are destroyed in great sheets of energy. Communications die, radio signals, communications. Nothing can fly and no electronic communications works any longer. Seeing this, horrified, the Matron passes.
  12. Above the planet the surviving members of the O’Malley clan escape the PDS and make there way to the largest colony within the system.
  13. During the ensuing 1,000 years (~5458-4458) the remaining clans continue to battle for control of the planet, resources and so on. Mostly times of conflict with sparse periods of peace. Technology begins to wane because of a lack of resources. Medical sciences dramatically deteriorate.
  14. The system colonies seeing the decimation of their planet and realizing why these events came about quickly realign themselves to work together to save their planet. Over the ensuing millennium they reorganize into the House of Nobles with house O’Malley typically in a position of leadership and authority.
  15. Many attempts are made to send aid to Heliopolis, all them fail. Reaching out to surrounding systems the House of Nobles come to an agreement with a Hutt family who says they can circumvent the defense systems.
  16. A medium sized fleet of several hundred ships gather with supplies and aid for the people of the planet. High above the planet. The signal is given and they descend. With the help of the Hutt family they are able to land.
  17. Ships disperse over the planet quickly. The O’Malley’s are drawn to a decimated area. Without knowing it, they have returned to their familial holdings. Landing they render aid and over the next several months support buildings are erected and the people of the area come in droves awed by the technology and medical aid their deliverers have with them. None of them have seen an airborne vehicle let alone starships.
  18. The next 500 years, the House of Nobles rebuilds its homeworld. By the time they are willing to step out into the greater galaxy with any real purpose is at the time of the Jedi Civil War (~3,958).
  19. Over the next ~250 years the House of Nobles cultivates contacts and followers for the purpose of manipulating politics throughout the galaxy. This continues up to the Alderaan Civil War when Seers have visions of a great calamity to come (3,908-3,643).
  20. For the next year, the House of Nobles collects non-essential personnel, equipment, and capital back to its home system. Most make it back without issue, but the Galactic War starts. Some are lost and but most continue to sporadically appear back in the safety of the system.



Spacers Spoils = Strong holds Bar Name

Who is House of Nobles.

The House of Nobles is an organization that leads the Heliopolis and Phoenician to preserving a healthy balance within the Universe. The Heliopolis’s home planet is Heliopolis, located in the Constance Centri Constellation which has held this civilization in secret from the time before known record. The House has reached known space and made alliances with the Republic unofficially as a Noble House based on Alderaan Known as the House of O’Malley. The O’Malley house is a sub house of the House of Panteer. This has allowed Heliopolis to move freely among the Republic.


With the return of the Sith the House has decided that it was prudent to have interest in the Sith Empire, so once the war reached Corellia, the House devised a plan to join the Empire by allowing the Turning of the Pandorum Corporation to the Empire, along with a compliment of mercenary’s and force adepts that were Heliopolis undercover. With the planted personnel in sith space, the Heliopolis were again able to move freely throughout the galaxy.


With the ability to move about freely within all major nations of the galaxy the Heliopolis are able to effect change with great accuracy and movement. War is a messy business, and there are many times sacrifices must be made to ensure the balance is kept.


Some believe there is a balancing force in the galaxy, that if there is balance in your self that will begin a balance in the universe. To the Heliopolis, they are that force in the galaxy that maintains the balance. This is a constant battle that we are born and live for. Though not all are warriors for this cause, some are to spread the belief of self balance this is the Phoenician’et’Statera. Phoenician’et’Statera act as a reverent, a preacher of the balance and the inner peace that can be obtained. Grey Jedi is a prime example of those that were influenced by them, the Grey Jedi seek balance within oneself.


Heliopolis are taught that there is only the force, a balance, there is no Light, there is no Dark only the force from an early age. Later the concept of light and dark are introduced as there is a need for those outside of Constance Centri to embrace one side or the other. It is not ours to judge the actions of those that embrace the light or dark we are only concerned for the outcome of those actions and how it affects the balance. We understand that the scales will tip from one to the other and that is not a concern. If the scales tip too far from one side then we are to act and return them to center. We do the thankless, and mostly unknown acts that keep the heart of the Universe beating. Sometimes this may take centuries, sometimes it’s days either way the Heliopolis are always up for the arduous task. It is never ending, that Heliopolis face every day of their lives proudly.


Currently Operations are Varied from the most dangerous to the most helpful. Some examples: retrieving dangerous and powerful artifacts to destroy them, assassination, changing political policies from the Republic and Empire, providing help to planets that require it, acting as diplomats or mediaries, saving cultures from genocide, giving planets the ability to survive the ever changing landscape of the galaxy, even seeding life on uninhabited planets to further along it’s growth and insure a future for the universe, keeping unknown threats to the galaxy out of the known space battling it back into the unknown.



Heliopolis Explained:

Earth Like, automated defence. nothing can fly outside the atmosphere. The defense network prevented all ships leaving or coming into orbit around the planet when activated. It was activated during the time known as the Great Strife, where most of the Noble House was hunted down and cut off from their homeworld. During this time, the defense network was activated in such a way as to prevent the hostiles to the Noble House from taking over the planet due to a lack of mobile space assets when the planet was about to be assaulted. Sabotaged from within though the defense network became completely automated and unable to be shut down even from within without significant amount of support from the outside world…. meaning in order for the defense network to go down, the Houses Noble would need to work together. The Great Strife broke the Houses Noble and left the Noble House in ruins outside of their homeworld. The defense network, being all encompassing in that it has a blanket effect to prevent communications as well as using orbital and planet based weaponry, meant that the Noble House was completely cut off from its operating head and source of operations. The surviving line of Ashember kept to the precepts of the Noble House despite the massive loss… until several Hutts provided the support to break the automated defense network in exchange of services rendered.


The Secret Archives:

This is a secret location that has both

The Secret Archives are run by a sentient echo of a Celestial, imprinted to create an Centricon. This device is very similar in many ways to a Holocron but it preserves a very accurate impression of sentience and allows for the impression to have limited learning ability. During the Great Strife, when the Defense Network was activated, the Centicron was convinced by the fractious nature of whom it considered its children to be beyond immediate redemption and completely shut down the Secret Archives except by external signal. Later when Ashember arrived on the planet and during the ceremony in which she was named Hero of Heliopolis, the Celestial echo appeared before the massive audience that was going on …. and worldwide broadcasted it to everyone with a working device. “The Secret Archives are opened to the Hero of Heliopolis, abandon all thought of personal advancement beyond that of the your means to support our purpose.” (??) Then Ashember was immediately teleported by some unknown means to the Secret Archives… supposedly deep within the planet, but later inspection shows that it exists slightly outside the phase of material reality, which prevents any external invasion without permission from the Celestial echo. Thus began the modern legacy of the House of Nobles.


The Great Strife:

The Great Strife lead to a period of time on the planet of Heliopolis called The Great (Loss) where the planetary network was activated and for a period of 100 years locked a planet as technologically advanced and dependent as Coruscaunt from the outside galaxy. The planet, being divided between the Houses Noble quickly become faction focused within as resources became very scarce. Over the resulting 100 year lockdown the factions of the Houses Noble broke out into many small to large scale wars making the planet looking like an urban battle zone. However the arrival of Ashember with relief supplies after she made a deal with the Hutt (Council) to break the siege wall of the automated defense network to create seemingly random openings in the defense network, creating windows of opportunity to land and depart from the planet. Arriving with resources from other planets that Heliopolis had run out of such as Kolto, allowed Ashember to unite the remnants of the Houses Noble and several faction that had spawned during the resulting 100 years lockdown. Being the united force allowed Ashember to be declared in many ways the savior of the planet and a massive rebuilding started. However many resources are still needed to both support the original founding goals of the Houses Noble (House of Nobles) as well as that of the planet meant that a lot of the members who helped break the siege had to work with the Hutts in order to provide the vital supply of resources needed. Was a 100 year urban war, because of the loss of technology… Due to this event the people of Heliopolis,


  • This allows for a relationship with the hutts that gives them a competent provider of services and gives us resources that we need to achieve goals. This allows the hutts to keep their noses clean and allow for further manipulations of the republic and Empire, to further their own means which are not always apparent even to the Noble House.
  • Heliopolis has outpost in various parts of the universe the most prominent is the Moon of
  • To protect the galaxy from such an eventuality, she united with Queen Panteer of Alderaan, the King of Corellia, and other nobles to form a secret society. They would not interfere with democracy, but they would work behind the scenes to preserve the balance of the galaxy.
  • The House of Nobles was instrumental in protecting the Republic from even greater devastation during the Exar Kun war, the Mandalorian War, and Revan’s Sith War. At first the House of Nobles opposed the Sith in the Great Galactic War, but after the Treaty of Coruscant they began to see the Sith as part of the balance of the galaxy.



Celestials.. Ashember was the last daughter of the celest.


Foundation Idea


The foundation of the last Celestial’s purpose was to leave a legacy that would focus on maintaining the balance in the cosmos, allowing for the growth of sentience but not allowing either side of the force to become dominant. If the Darkside overcomes things than it does what the Rakata suffered and that is the downfall of civilization and entire sentient species enmass. However if the Lightside takes over, overgrowth happens… choking off advancement due to the lack of challenges to life. As the evolutionary axiom goes, if life is not challenged, it does not evolve. But challenged beyond its capacity to adapt leads to its destruction.




Who is the Ashember bloodline?


Ashember was the daughter of a Celestial and a human? The idea is that she was to be the link between the dying Celestial and humankind so as to keep the legacy of the Celestial’s purpose but combined with the human aspect allowed for Ashember to think beyond that of a Celestial which is more single purposed. A Celestial is not fully in the material realm and making a child with a human bound a Celestial level energy via the Force into the family line that did not diminish with inheritance down the ages. However it did need to be unlocked and discovered, so it acted as only a doorway in the gencode, but had to be unlocked where it would develope an immaterial spirit link to form a celestial hybrid.


Ashembers Purpose, ethos:

This will be the deep datacron things. Basically how Ashember was created. She was one among many made but the first to succeed in her purpose that she was designed to fulfill. Helping form the House of Nobles in her way. She sacrificed herself to make a Force Plague that created balance because the Rakata could not be otherwise stopped despite the many attempts by others of her kind. In a last ditch effort, Ashember sacrificed herself to merge with her Celestial shadow and poison the source of the Rakata technology for a short while, causing a cascade illness that spread amongst the Rakata severing them from the Force. In doing so she was consumed by left a Datacron with an imprint of her soul prior to merging with her Celestial shadow counterpart.


Voss is the first breadcrumb on the trail of Ashember. She helped the Voss ascend and consider the balance. (Ashember’s characters will be drawn to the Datacron in the temple on Voss for first stage RP). The Voss people’s ascension in using the force for the unified reasoning of balance for their people and that of the galaxy was originated by the Noble House founders as lead by Ashember. Ashember was originally known as Ashley of the O’Malley Clan however with her first success in advancing the Force initiatives with the Voss race and unlocking their potential to have Force enhanced visions of the most likely options in the future the first Voss Mystics saw that she would be the Ember in the night, the light that guides the way amongst the stars always being the guiding light for those who know where to look. She was called the Ember (Translated from Voss) where Ashley in the Voss language roughly translates to the Darkness of a Fallen Empire. So the Voss originally saw Ashley O’Malley as a harbinger of dark tidings as their civilization had already fallen once and the recovery was still in progress.


Secret Lore: The Voss people are a genetic creation of several races balanced through the Force and seeded to the planet a long time ago. They were created as a memory of the races that followed the Last Celestial. They were originally created by series of Noble Houses that called themselves the Perfect Circle of Trust. Over the tens of thousands of years of galactic history one by one the noble houses fell either from their original purpose as they lost their link to their historic roots or because they were wiped out in their attempts to keep galactic Balance.


Secret Lore #2: The Perfect Circle of Trust was broken when the first of the Noble Houses was infiltrated by the Rakata and fell to darkness when the leading member of its house was killed and the inheritor was converted to being a Rakata slave. The house’s name was (make up) and in their fall they were shattered and seeded with a Force Plague that poisoned other houses. Over time the Dark Legacy of the first house to fall helped others fall from their original purpose either by causing internal strife or by detracting them from the trust that was required to keep to the life of the organization.


( Mention was made of 7 houses and they are converted down to elements. what are the names of them and what are the elements. are there any houses that are in the lore that we can use and won’t get reamed by lore junkies over.


Ascension causes the physical form to lack substance the more she merged with her celestial self. The closer to her purpose, the closer she gets to physical death. Once the child of the original Ashember fades from the material universe and joins the Force, she merges in both experience and power with the legacy. Her identity and experience merges with the Celestial self, but as she does she also loses her touch on her human physical self.


Phoenician’don Shandari



English: Balance

Latin: Statera


The ascending legacy :

Ashember is the first born of her current generation. Therefore her destiny and duty is to the house of nobles, as such she has been groomed and taught all the things she needs to be a successful leader from a very early age.

Alderaan, year unknown, the first born of the new generation has come into the world. She is Named Âshley, as her Mother before her. It is tradition that the First born take the name of Âshley as they will later take the Name Ashember. It is an identifier of the first born, the child that will take the name. Her birth was in the House of Panteer, as all first born are again a tradition that has taken place since before the hyperspace wars. She was ordained shortly after her birth, still wet from her mother womb the ritual of passage was performed by the Crown Prince. Âshley is now destined to become the head of the most Secret and prestigious Order of Nobility in the Galaxy.

As Nobility Âshley learned from the best schools available to the noble pedigree, she studied from day one. Her childhood was filled with learning balance and academics. Even her time away from the classroom was a lesson in balance. Every action she did during the entirety of her childhood was a deliberate lesson from her parents, Teachers and Masters, not one wasted moment. Even Vacations were filled with lessons. As she grew she was sent to Tython to study with the Jedi, and then to Korriban to Study with the Sith as a trial to judge her fortitude.

Time Passes and Âshley is the Direct Apprentice of her Mother and Father. She spends her time learning all of things that are and has happened. She is taught. Policies, Politics and introduced to all the right people. This will happens until it is time for her to success to the position “Ashember” the Grandmaster of the Organization.


The time comes for Âshley ascend to the position of Ashember. She returns to the House of Panteer to be ordained. She has been the Grandmaster since.




Generally Good Natured

Secret Organization (something like – Illuminati)

House of Nobles Opposites/enemy is Star Cabal

You have to deal sometimes with people who are misinformed(as we hope), who believe insane conspiracy theories, (which may or may not be true) etc. but in the long run, they’re only really bad on the holonet. (So we want them to believe)



1. Keep your approach flexible.

2. Define the things that are non-negotiable.

3. Embrace imperfection and chaos.

4. There is a balance of purity and corruption.

5. Allow yourself to achieve flow.

6. When the scales tip there must be a cleansing.


  1. Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.
  2. No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
  3. There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.




Jedi/Sith (Phoenician)




Below are the elements of the House of Nobles Story.. I could write the story, but ownership should belong to all of us. So I am placing the Mercy of House of Nobles in the hands of our members. Write your Ideas in this forum and I will try my best to incorporate them into the history, make sure that you stay to the Lore, and keep close to SWTOR Lore, Please. Thank you, I look forward to seeing your Idea’s.


[color=#2360dd]Elements of Our Story: House of Nobles[/color]


Celestial beginnings


/// Empress Teta Joined the House of Nobles right after the Hyperspace War, to watch over the people and the republic.///


Noble families across the galaxy including a Hutt to keep the Order of the Galaxy.


Neutral Faction focused on the Balance, not seeing good or Evil, only the force and how it balances.


Intelligence Operation (hands in lots of pies)


String pullers


Our own force using order. We will Call them [color=#dd2423]“Phoenician”[/color]


Agents all over the galaxy, Jedi, Sith, Troopers all the way down to the Cook.


Collections of Nobility, Governments, Jedi and Sith Lords


Lady Ashember, Leader of the House of Nobles.


Earnest Efforts to preserve the galaxy.


The Phoenician (Jedi/Sith) is trained internally or pulled into the house from existing Bloodlines.


Small Military able to run moderate assaults.


Gathers Like minded organizations of preservation, to fulfill efforts


Not opposed to using any tactic to achieve greater good as long as losses are acceptable and the organization stays hidden.


Agents are player characters.



Elements of the Story:

built by noble families across the galaxy including a Hutt to keep the Order of the Galaxy.


Neutral Faction focused on the greater good. or now a builder society, explorers


Huge Intelligence Operation (hands in lots of pies)

String pullers

Grey Paladins We will Call them “Phoenician”

Agents all over the galaxy, Jedi, Sith, Troopers all the way down to the Cook.

Collections of Nobility, Governments, Jedi(council) and Sith Lords(Dark Council member) that secretly run the organization by vote. (very professionally done)

Earnest Efforts to preserve the galaxy.

Internal ??Jedi/Sith/Phoenician?? Order that trains Force users of it’s purpose. Ashember as Grand Master.

Small Military able to run moderate assaults.

Gathers Like minded organizations of preservation, to fulfill efforts

Not opposed to using any tactic to achieve greater good as long as losses are acceptable and the organization stays hidden.

Agents are player characters.

// 1500 years Empress Teta formed the House of Nobles right after the Hyperspace War, to watch over the people and the republic.





Heliopolis: Home Planet of the House of Nobles located in the Constance Centri Constellation.


Heliopolis: a civilization dedicated to preserving a healthy balance within the Universe.


Agent: any person; typically smugglers or Agents, that takes on the spying or information gathering for the House.


Ashember: Legacy name for the leader of the Heliopolis. ;Alternatively: –Ash; the ruin, the complete end.–Ember; the spark of life, a new beginning of life.


Bloodline: Ancestors or line of descent of the original members of Perfect Circulo Fiduciam or the more known name Perfect Circle of Trust. Bloodline is bound the original bloodline pact.


Centricon: Also known as the Celestial Echo, similar to a Holocron but it preserves a very accurate impression of sentience and allows for the impression to have limited learning ability. Based upon technology that the Datacrons and Holocrons were later developed from.


Constance Centri Constellation: Located in an unknown location in Wildspace beyond the Hutt territory.


The Council: The Nobles that govern the House of Nobles.


Phoeniciana member of the mystical knightly order in the House of nobles, trained to guard balance in the universe.


House of Nobles: The Organization that leads the Heliopolis and Phoenician to preserving a healthy balance within the Universe.


House: an un-official name for the House of Nobles, used by members and leadership.


Ceremony Policy and Procedures –

1.0 Nobliltyian Council Meetings

1.1 Times,

There will be a meeting called Every other Friday opposite of the faction you are currently on. Republic is Even and Empire is Odd Fridays. All meetings will be held at 9pm eastern Standard time. in case of a special meeting that will be determined in advance and scheduled.


1.2 Seating.

There is a chair for each council member to sit. All others attending the meeting will stand against the wall on either side of the council’s seating area this includes legates, Members or guest that are attending. All Officers must be sitting in their chairs when the meeting is called to order, as well as all attending should be in their positions as to facilitate order and a timely start. See showcase (a)


  1. Guild Broker Web & Personnel Administrator (Ashember)
  2. Guild Banker & Assistant Administrator (First Knight)
  3. Role-play Coordinator, Prime Minister (Noblilty)
  4. Raid/Ops, Field Commander (Noblilty)
  5. PvP Coordinator, General (Noblilty)
  6. Cartel Acquisitions, Mogul Quartermaster(Noblilty)
  7. Player Assistance Lead, Enforcer Morale (Noblilty)
  8. Recruitment and Retention (Noblilty)


  1. Showcase


1.3 Meetings.

All meetings will be called to order and adjourned by either the Lord or Lady Marshal it is acceptable for an officer be appointed to Conduct or Chair the meeting.

1.3a Formal, Informal, Executive Sessions and Special Meetings

  1. A formal meeting is one in which the entire membership meets to hear reports of officers, boards, and committees, and to propose guild business, discuss it, and vote on it.
  2. An informal meeting is one in which a small group of the organization meets, in either committee meetings or small boards, to help the organization carry out its goals.
  3. Special meetings is one in which there are specific emergency goals or votes are necessary to carry out that cannot wait until the next scheduled formal meeting.
  4. An Executive Session is a meeting of an assembly that is closed to all but the members of the council and any special guest, Members or disciplinary cases that are involved or invited.


1.4 Meeting flow

The Chairman will call an officer to the floor. That officer will have the floor to introduce topics, speak on topics currently in discussion or if appropriate speak grievances. This can be a timed event.

1.4a Timed Allotments:

The chairman will if necessary for the movement of conversation assign an amount of time for a speaker to have the floor. Mostly 5 minutes. During that time all others should quietly listen.

If timed then the person will have to wrap their statement in the allotted time. If they come close to the end of the allotted time they may ask the chairman for an extension, or wrap up their point and relieve the floor back to the chairman.


1.4b Order of business


  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Minutes from previous meetings
  3. Past business that has carried over from the previous meeting.
  4. Emergency meeting business that may have occurred between official meetings.
  5. Praise and Grievance
  6. New guild business proposal
  7. Discussion <5 minutes for each Noblilty>
  8. Motions
  9. Votes
  10. Resolutions
  11. Conclusions
  12. Meeting Adjourned


This is the process in which meetings will be conducted and performed weekly. This policy maybe updated and changed without notice or discussion it is it the Preators responsibility to understand and ensure knowledge of changes there in.



This is a roleplay event and should be offered guild wide but not used as to alienate guild members, cause clicks or otherwise demeanor the morale of the guild or harm in anyway.

It is important that we have a ceremony for new members to ensure their success in our setting of roleplay. . This ceremony is meant to provide initial information about the guild and provide a venue for new players to meet current and other new members.

The Rite Master is normally the Lady Ashley, unless he/she designates otherwise


**Steps forward.**


Well Met, I am Grandmaster Ashember O’Malley.


Well met, I am Lord Marshal Ravais < Legacy Name >


It is my birthright to lead this nation. I am House of Nobles.

We are House of Nobles.



The Phoenician Oath


Balance is my Crusade

I stand between the darkness and the light

I guard the divide of order and chaos

I will use Wisdom to Guide me

Emotion is Tempered

I am <name here>

This is my solemn vow.


These are the words of our oath.

These are words that you shall swear when you become a full member of our guild.

They echo across the void. They guide our hearts. They are our destiny.

Those before me now have been judged worthy of taking the oath, and becoming Noble Stygians.

Yet, I caution you, do not take this oath lightly. Understand it. Continue only if you may be worthy of it.

We are Noble Stygians. We take our name from the Stygian Caldera and Noble families that have maintained the balance for centuries.

Which protected the galaxy since the Hyperspace Wars. As they protected the balance of power, so shall we.

We too, protect the pieces of history and heritages for future generations.

We walk in the dark places no others dare tread. The deepest of tombs and the most dangerous of planets is where we may find the artifacts we seek and protect.

Yet the dark places we walk are not merely physical. We walk the darkest place of all – the mind.

We consider the dreadful possibility that the Galaxy may one day fall.

But as the Nobilis Stygian protects the Galaxy and gathers the past to pass on to our future, we must be resolving to maintain the balance.

Remnants of the once before, so we shall protect them again. If the galaxy falls to we will aid its rebirth from the Ashes.

We are the Shen’dei We are Balance. We are Archeologist. We are Sith. We are Jedi. We are one.

We stand on the bridge, and none may pass. We stand between the future and the past between Weakness and Power. Every day we die, and every day we are born anew. We cannot carry what we are into the future, but we can carry the knowledge of the past.

None may topple the dread bridge we guard, but those on the either side will be enlightened by our efforts.

We live for Balance; we die for Honor. That is our charge. That is our purpose.

Even should the Galaxy parish, we shall resurrect it with our very lives, and preserve it for all time.


I look now upon the faces of the worthy, and call them forth.



Military House of Nobles

I, [name], do solemnly affirm that I will support and defend House of Nobles against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

I, will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;

I, will establish Sacrifice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote Wisdom and Balance throughout the Galaxy.


I, will well and faithfully discharge the duties of which I am about to enter. So help me.



(Initiate’s Name), come forth and kneel.

The Initiate steps forward and kneels before the Rite Master.



Are you ready to swear our oath, and never be forsworn?

Are you ready to become a sworn member of the House of Nobles?


Yes (Or some variation.)



Then repeat the oath after me.


We are The House of Nobles.


We are House of Nobles


Balance is my Crusade.


Balance is my Crusade.


I stand between the darkness and the light


I stand between the darkness and the light


I guard the divide of order and chaos


I guard the divide of order and chaos


protecting our people and ways


protecting our people and ways


I preserve knowledge and history.


I preserve knowledge and history


This is my solemn vow.





Rise, Sergeants of the House of Nobles


The Initiate rises. The ritual is repeated for each initiate.


Noble Stygians, I give you Sergeants of our order

.”Let Balance, Wisdom and the Force Guide you”

They are of our number. They are of us. Let us cheer for our brethren!

Those gathered cheer


Phoenician – the spiritual element of divine essence in a person’s psyche






Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.


Tonights top story is From Hoth the 5th regiment “Boom Walkers” has been lost, the entire regiment was put against the Empire to stop crystal mining operations and return them to the republic. Though the battle was going well in the end we lost the entire regiment. It is this news casters regret to inform the families of these valiant Republic Soldiers will not see their remains. It is our belief that the Evil Empire has collected the entire regiment and used them as experiments at the Sith Academy on Korriban. We hope they can be recovered by diplomatic means, but the Empire of course denies this has happened. It is this new casters humble opinion that we should destroy Korriban once and for all.


This is Caty Carrick and I’m reporting the Top Story from Carrick Station News.


Good Night




Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.


Tonights top story is From Nar Shaddaa, A top Hutt from the hutt cartel has gone missing, eye witness reports of a black op’s team comprised of Jedi, Sith, Republic and Empire soldiers were seen Killing gang members and later carting this Hutt through the streets of Nar Shaddaa to the spaceport on a skiff. This is important because it seems that this Hutt was involved with the Republic as an Ally. Immaitea the Hutt was an Ally and Friend to the Republic, he assisted us in many operations across the galaxy including the saving of Makeb. There are ongoing investigations and searches for the Hutt. A Republic Spokesman says

“ We are doing everything we can to help find our Ally we do not leave out own out to dry. Though we do have to remember this is a Hutt we are talking about so it’s not our top priority.”

I’m not sure if we should be worried about any of the Hutts, they are often only in for themselves and the credits.


This is Caty Carrick and I’m reporting the Top Story from Carrick Station News.


Good Night




Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.


Tonight’s top story is From Alderaan, Top Republic Alderaanian Nobles are missing tonight as the war heightens. The republic Alderaanian houses are missing most of the top nobility families they disappeared almost overnight. It seems that the Families of theses houses were kidnapped or fled the planet entirely, however the Leaders of the houses are still accounted for. The Republic, has sent out many scout ships in the area to find signs of the family members but have not been successful. If you have seen or heard from any of these people please contact your local Republic Representative.


This is Caty Carrick and I’m reporting the Top Story from Carrick Station News.


Good Night