Mission Statement

The Rookery Project (aka “Rookery”) is a special branch of the ancient space fleet of the Phoenician home world (called Heliopolis IV) that is governed by the Phoenician Council and charged with a special universal mission and set of objectives to carry out that mission.  It operates on a trans-galactic, trans-temporal basis having first left the Milky Way Galaxy several millennia ago and having access to all time periods via their special capabilities.  Rookery is heavily involved in time travel in order to maintain and to preserve the universe’s natural time line.  Although this gives Rookery agents the ability to exist in any time period, present day on the Phoenician home world is roughly equivalent to the year 2400 on Earth’s calendar.

It therefore follows that the mission of the Rookery Project is to protect the universe’s natural time line to ensure it unfolds as it naturally should, with priority given to both Phoenician culture and Federation culture.  Because Rookery agents cannot be everywhere and do everything, they must give priority only to the most important planets and cultures, such as the aforementioned Phoenicia and Federation systems.  Its objectives which are purposed to help Rookery achieve its mission are (1) to serve as guardians of the universe’s time line rendering defensive and offensive capabilities against any entity that would seek to exploit or alter it otherwise; (2) to act as good stewards of key universal resources that support the natural unfolding of time and over which the Rookery Project may have domain; (3) to witness and, wherever possible, to document the development of key civilizations and important historical events of the universe in order to inform and educate the future generations of all sentient people; (4) to explore and investigate the universe in such a way as to support the mission; and (4) to maintain complete secrecy of Rookery existence, mission, objectives, operations and capabilities as well as to maintain the security and anonymity of Rookery personnel while serving in official capacities.

The Heliopolis star system and its fourth planet, the Phoenician home world, are as unique as the self-appointed mission of its space fleet.  Heliopolis IV is a fiery world much like a sun and in orbit of a hyper giant star in the process of decaying into a black hole.  It is located in a very special temporal pocket giving the Phoenicians access to almost every time period in universal history and almost every location in the universe, provided by the immense warping of space and time caused by its adjacent hyper giant star Heliopolis that is in the process of becoming a black hole.  The particular currents and eddies of space and time emanating from Heliopolis create a very special “Time Nova” — almost like a portal — through which Phoenician personnel can safely travel to any pre-selected time period and location.  The Phoenicians have adapted to their unique environment and can safely use the time nova; however, it is lethal for any other species not adapted to its surrounding environment.

The Phoenician fleet existed before the founding of the United Federation of Planets (aka “Federation”) for several millennia.  Phoenician history and the history of the Federation first coincided during Earth’s mid-21st century when the U.S.S. Enterprise, commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, became central to restoring the universe’s time line in response to the Temporal Cold War.  That event and the missions that followed underscored the important place the Federation would occupy in the unfolding of the galaxy and the universe’s time line.  It therefore became critical for the Rookery Project to protect Captain Archer and the mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise, as well as to safeguard the establishment of the Federation some number of years later.

As the Federation began to take shape, the Rookery Project had a leading hand in helping it establish a solid footing — even joining the Federation as a special, independent and top-secret detachment.  Currently, the mission, objectives, operations and capabilities of Rookery and Rookery agents are maintained as top-secret and are only known among the highest tier of the Federation’s leadership on a need-to-know basis, Rookery agents and the Phoenician Council.

Service in the Rookery Fleet

Because Rookery is top-secret and is only known among a select handful of persons, Rookery agents and the Phoenician Council choose who are to be approached for service in Rookery.  Such recruitment does not reveal the full scope of Rookery initially to candidates, but the real nature of Rookery is revealed throughout a candidate’s training, in secrecy, as candidates progress through the Rookery Temporal Academy.  The Rookery Temporal Academy trains candidates to work together as a team to solve temporal problems and to preserve the natural unfolding of the time line (part of a broader philosophy known as “Eternalism”).

Rookery History and Colony

Phoenicia, the home world of the Phoenician people and home to The Rookery Project, is located in a temporal pocket provided by an adjacent hyper star in the process of becoming a black hole.  Because of this, Phoenicians emerged as a warp-capable civilization not long before they also discovered their ability to travel to almost any time period and location via the Time Nova — a special temporal structure formed by the powerful currents and eddies of time and space by the mega black hole.  Rookery has had a rich history of serving as guardians of the universal time line for millennial before the existence of the Federation, but became very involved in Federation affairs once it became known how important the Federation would become to the time line of the universe.  The Federation — most notably their Starfleet branch — were initially reluctant to accept the notion that time travel was physically possible and even common among those with such capabilities.  But, upon the discovery of the Phoenician race and the experience of Captain Jonathan Archer, the Federation had no choice but to acknowledge time travel and the commensurate danger of time line corruption caused by nefarious parties.

The initial relationship between the Federation and Rookery was one of suspicion.  After first contact with the Phoenician people, it became clear the Federation was dealing with a race far superior in technology and capability who had the power to move throughout time fairly easily.  But once the mission and objectives of Rookery were proved to be genuine and observed to coincide largely with those of the Federation, the leadership of the Federation were more at ease with Rookery and their operations.  During the early 22nd century, it was mutually worked out between the two that The Rookery Project would be considered a top-secret detachment of Starfleet, independent and subject only to the Phoenician Council but integrated nonetheless with Starfleet forming a mutually benefiting relationship.  Rookery would continue its mission and objectives benefiting the Federation, and in return Rookery would have access to Starfleet’s assets and capabilities.  Rookery would adopt a very close facsimile of Starfleet’s command structure and would be supported in their mission with ships and other space assets supplied by the Federation.  Presently, The Rookery Project is commanded by Commodore Ashember Love who was asked by the Phoenician Council to lead the Rookery Project given her unique position as the Minister of Temporal Affairs, a special assignment as protector of Earth’s time line, and her extensive knowledge of Earth history.

RL Origins of The Rookery Project

The Rookery Project was and still remains the brainchild of Ashember Love.  It was inspired by many different science fiction and fantasy shows, stories and characters from the past — an important one being a character found in a Toys R Us store in North Carolina in 1978.  As an eight year-old girl armed on her birthday with $100 to spend, Ashember came across a red box set for Dungeons and Dragons which, when combined with her lifelong fascination with the Phoenix, formed the beginnings of Ashember Love.

Growing up, Ashember’s father was a history buff with vast knowledge and would often talk about history.  So naturally Ashember grew to love history and watched time travel shows.  In 2001 on a Star Trek series came out called STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, which was a wonderfully written series about space exploration and it fostered many great inspirations that helped to build Rookery and that still influence it to this day.